“Personalization and attention to detail are the keys to success. “


Our credo? Customization!

Our “like” database contains about 1,000 profiles. This is not a coincidence: we intentionally limit the size of our file. This limit remains high enough to meet all the requests of our customers, but low enough to allow us to have a thorough interview with all our “like”. During this interview, we assess the mastery of languages, but also and especially the presentation, character and values ​​of our future employees. This allows us to ensure the best possible compatibility between our customers and the “likes” we send them. We also regularly visit the field to see if everything works well, but also to identify the strengths of each and take into account when assigning missions.

“The greatness of a profession is above all to unite men; it is only a real luxury and it is that of human relations.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Handpicked employees

Because the success of your events also lies in the dynamism of the team present, we select the hosts and hostesses who project the best image of your company. We know all our “likes” well: in addition to their language skills and qualifications, we also have a clear idea of ​​their personality, their affinities, and their ability to interact with different types of audiences. What ensure the “perfect match” between our “like” and your company.

Three cardinal values

Véronique Vandamme, founder of LikePeople

“There are three values ​​on which I do not compromise when selecting our ‘like’: the respect of the commitments, the presentation and the punctuality. These values ​​must be the DNA of our teams, because they are essential to ensure the quality of service that our customers are entitled to expect. They allow us to build with our customers a relationship of trust that is part of a long-term perspective. Nothing is more motivating for me than to see that our customers come back, year after year, because they appreciate our know-how and the professionalism of our ‘like’.

Envie d’en savoir plus?

Discutons ensemble de votre projet, et nous vous trouverons l’équipe qu’il vous faut!
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They give us all their trust

We are proud to maintain long-term relationships with our customers. For us, each new mission is an opportunity to confirm to them on the field that they did well to renew their confidence. And if you become one of them?

  • You have accompanied us for several years on this project and it is a real pleasure and comfort of work to know that you are by our side throughout this event which is each year a challenge and a real test. We are waiting for a confirmation of the dates for next year but we will make you a "save the date", hoping that you will still be ours! I can only thank you once again for being present, on time and in a good mood with the ability to improvise and react to unforeseen or other elements ... to have contributed to the satisfaction and thanks of our client

    Zoute Grand Prix
  • A huge thank you for Beobank !!! The customer was delighted and so were we. Thank you to all of your team from us.

    Tom Boon
    Tom Boon Beobank

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